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Internships provide you with experience that you can’t get through any other form of employment or experience, which is why it’s so crucial for students to take advantage of internship opportunities. However, it can be hard to weigh the costs and benefits to accepting an unpaid internship. Listed below are just a few of the benefits you should consider as you debate accepting experience over monetary gain.

Your internship experience (or lack of) could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate for a full-time job out of college.

Experience is an important consideration for companies as they look at candidates. Thus, you might be passed up by another candidate with more experience if your other qualifications are similar. So while you might not be making money during an internship, the resume and industry experience benefits from an internship might offset that.

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If it’s a company you are passionate and determined to work for, an internship gets your foot in the door.

If you’ve dreamt of working at a specific company, don’t underestimate the importance of working there and meeting people in the company. Your unpaid internship basically allows a company the opportunity to interview you for a long period of time and gives you the opportunity to impress them. In addition, it gives you a risk free way to see the company from the inside and understand whether or not you fit the culture.

Many departments offer college credit for relevant internships.

Check with your college department and see whether there is an internship class you can enroll in. If you’re able to receive college credit, it might justify the internship being unpaid as it gets you one step closer to your degree.

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Overall, the benefits of internships, paid or unpaid, are extensive for a student’s job prospects after college. Never underestimate the power of relevant experience and networking!

To search open internships or jobs, please check out UNO Career Connect on the ACDC website at

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