How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 2023 Success Guaranteed (2023)

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 2023 Success Guaranteed (1)

For drug testing among employers and government agencies, hair follicle tests are now the most common type of test given. These are an accurate way to tell if someone has used drugs in the last 90 days because they’re designed to detect drug use within that timeframe. Hair follicle drug tests are so popular for employment and legal reasons because it allows a look into someone’s habits of drug use and not just recent use.

It’s necessary to be ready for these drug tests at any time because they can be tough to beat. Despite how accurate these tests are though, you can still pass a hair follicle drug test with ease as long as you know what to do. The ONLY way to successfully pass a hair drug test is by using Macujo Aloe rid shampoo. In this article, we’ll show you how to use this top-rated shampoo to help you detox your hair to pass the test.

How to pass hair follicle drug tests

Visit to help be sure you’ll pass your drug test.

On this website is all the information needed to pass a hair test.

DIY detox methods at home

Here we’ll take a look at some of the most commonly used at home detox methods people use. You can find out more about why these methods might not be your best choice and how to get the best use out of a detoxifying shampoo.


You may try to get out of taking a hair follicle test altogether by shaving your hair entirely. Because hair can be taken from anywhere on the body for testing, it’s imperative that you make sure you shave everything off. Be aware that this may be suspicious to the person administering the test though and you may be placed on a probation period while your hair grows back.

Bleaching (Peroxide treatment)

Performing a bleach treatment with peroxide is commonly done to try and get drugs out of hair follicles. Keep in mind that this method will only remove around 30-40% of the toxins that are in your hair. Obviously, because the level of toxins removed is low, you’ll still fail a hair drug test if you’re a heavy user.

You’ll fail because the toxins can still be detected after this treatment. You should only do this treatment once so as not to completely damage your hair. Another option you can do with this is to dye your hair to its original color just prior to your test.

Stop using drugs

This is something you can try, but it may be hard for you, particularly if you use drugs regularly. You’ll need to stop using drugs for at least 90 days before you test because that’s how long the hair follicle drug test can detect drugs in your hair.

After 90 days or longer, the 1.5-inch sample length of your hair that’s cut will no longer show the presence of the drugs you used. While this method would be helpful to you, typically, you won’t have anywhere near 90 days’ notice for a drug test. For this reason, this at home detox method isn’t reliable.

DIY methods at home-Do they work?

Although these methods can help you remove some of the drug toxins from your hair, they cannot be guaranteed to work to get you to pass a hair drug test. Shaving isn’t reliable enough because it can cause a red flag for whoever requested you to be tested and the person administering your test.

If you’re placed on a probation period, it could be more than 90 days. Also, you might be asked why you don’t have any hair anywhere on your body and need to give a reason for this.

It’s a common myth that bleaching your hair will work to get your hair clean enough to pass a drug test. Although a very strong chemical, bleach isn’t potent enough to get rid of all the toxins from hair. Using this at home method puts you at a very high risk to fail your drug test.

Not using drugs is helpful to help you pass a hair test. However, you may only have a few days or weeks’ notice before the test. There will not be an adequate amount of time for your hair to get clean in this scenario, thus you will fail the test.

You cannot rely on home detox methods like these because they’re inadequate and not guaranteed to work. To pass a hair follicle test, you must use a high-quality drug detox shampoo.

Best Hair Detox Shampoo to Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test

Each of the kinds of detox shampoos mentioned in this section is proven to help people pass their drug tests on hair. Although there are lots of options for detoxifying shampoos, these are the ones that are made to completely get rid of drug toxins from your hair follicles permanently for you to pass the tests.

You must use Macujo Aloe Rid detox shampoo or also the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo to get your guarantee of clean hair.

  1. Macujo Aloe Rid detox shampooThe leading shampoo to pass hair drug test

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 2023 Success Guaranteed (2)

Benefits to using Macujo Aloe rid

This clarifying shampoo is the best of any of the products available to you today. It acts as a permanent option to getting rid of toxins in your hair. Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo comes with a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, but it has helped users of any kind of drug and amount pass their drug tests. This is what makes this a top rated and trustworthy product.

With a list of strong ingredients in its formula, this shampoo is designed to work for anyone no matter your situation. It also works to get rid of toxins from alcohol too.

By opening up the hair cuticle, this shampoo can get into the inside layers of the hair, which is why it’s so effective. Other shampoos only clean the outside of the hair and will cause you to fail drug tests. For the best price for Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo, at checkout, use promo Code (macujo10) to get 10% off of your order.

  • 9% effective rate guarantee
  • Works for any drug user, light to heavy
  • Removes toxins from any type of drug or alcohol
  • Get your money back if it doesn’t work for you
  • Approved to be used with the Mikes Macujo Method
  • Highly rated brand
  • Instructions and Live customer support available with all purchases

Check out the reviews HERE

Expected Results

Mikes Macujo washes will need to be done differently depending on if you use hard drugs like cocaine or if you use drugs very heavily. You can be sure that you will get your hair follicles totally clean from any drugs you used including THC.

There’s a 99.9% success rate when using this shampoo based on the recommendations from the experts. You can use the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo along with the Macujo Aloe Rid for even more cleaning power, but it’s not necessary to do this. As long as you do Mikes Macujo Method properly and use the Macujo Aloe rid, you can get your hair clean enough to pass a hair test.

Directions for Macujo Aloe Rid

One of the best parts about using this shampoo is that it comes with simple directions right on the packaging. This shampoo MUST be used along with Mikes Macujo Method when you use hard drugs and/or use drugs as an intense user. Below are the steps to performing mikes macujo method.

Step-by-step Wash Instructions for Mike’s Macujo Method

  1. Wash hair thoroughly with Macujo Aloe Rid and rinse hair completely. Dry hair with a clean towel.
  2. Fill 1/3 of a large bowl with baking soda. Slowly add warm water and mix until it’s a marinara sauce consistency. This should be really wet so it doesn’t clump. Massage this into hair for 5-7 minutes, and then rinse it out and dry hair with a towel.
  3. Cover entire head by spraying Clean & Clear Astringent on it, saturating the hair. Massage for 5 to 7 minutes into hair. Wipe away anything that might drip onto your forehead or ears. Let this stay on hair for 30 minutes.
  4. Take a small dab of Liquid Tide and scrub into hair for 3 to 7 minutes. When you rub the Tide in your fingers, it’ll feel abrasive against the hair. Try to avoid making this too foamy or sudsy when scrubbing. Rinse it out totally.
  5. Apply the Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo and totally rinse it out.
  6. Spray vinegar on entire head, saturating it. Massage vinegar fully into hair, but don’t rinse it out. Pat hair dry to remove the excess and wipe forehead and ears if needed.
  7. Repeat step 3.Saturate hair with Clean & Clear Astringent on top of the vinegar. Massage into hair. You’ll feel a tingling sensation.

Keep this out of your eyes and have a towel ready to wipe any drips. Let the Clean & Clear on your head for 30 minutes.

  1. Repeat step 4 by using a small dab of Liquid Tide to scrub hair for 3 to 7 minutes. The Tide will be abrasive when rubbed on hair. Again, don’t make this too sudsy or foamy and rinse it completely.
  2. Wash one more time with the Macujo Aloe Rid so you don’t smell like laundry detergent or vinegar.

Macujo Method Washes: How many should I do?

How many times you’ll need to repeat the Macujo method washes depends on a few things. How heavily you use drugs and the kind of drugs you take will both affect how many times you need to wash your hair with this method. On website, you’ll find the recommended number of washes for your situation.

Finding out how many macujo method washes is simple once you are on the website. You’ll input your name and email and include whatever drugs you used in the last three months. The number of washes you should do will be sent to your email instantly. The quick access to this information makes it easy to feel confident in this detox method and product to help you get your hair totally clean to pass a drug test.

Find the washes calculator here

When should the Mikes Macujo washes be done?

If you use drugs at all, you must use Mikes Macujo method. You’ll only pass a hair follicle drug test by using this method and Macujo Aloe rid shampoo if you’re a heavy user or use hard drugs.

Mike’s Macujo method was designed to get even the hardest of drugs out of the hair follicles no matter what type of hair you have. The steps of this may need repeated depending on if you have very high toxin levels in your hair. Again, this information can be found easily by using the wash calculator at

Does the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo Really Work?

Yes, it really does! we can say this with confidence, Look at our amazing reviews!

Make sure you Only get the Black Bottle Macujo® Aloe Rid Shampoo

It is the only Only shampoo with full support till you pass your test.

Is my hair going to fall?

No, your hair will be completely fine, If you experience some dryness you can use conditioner after you completed all your washes to quickly restore its original luster

Is the Macujo Method Permanent?

Yes, your hair will be completely toxin free unless you start using drugs again.

Is this method detectable?

No, Unlike Masking agents that were used in the past, The Macujo Method and the macujo Aloe Rid shampoo does not leave any trace, therefore it it Never detectable.

2.Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo – Pair with Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo for best use

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test: 2023 Success Guaranteed (3)

The Zydot shampoo is a good supplement to use just before your hair test. It will only be effective as a supplement to the Macujo Aloe rid because it’s not potent enough to work on its own. Zydot compliments the detoxifying effects of Macujo Aloe rid, which can give you another boost of completely toxin free hair.

This is a 3-in-1 deep cleaning shampoo that will expose the inside layers of the hair by breaking down the outer layers. Chemical buildup, environmental pollutants, and medications are then able to be removed from your hair. You can also use the purifying conditioner with this shampoo to help get rid of those toxins embedded into the hair follicles.

Benefits of Zydot Ultra clean

  • Removes toxins from outside contaminants
  • Cost-effective
  • Supplemental shampoo for removing toxins
  • Simple and fast to use

Make sure you follow the recommendation to only use this shampoo as a supplement and not by itself. Using only the Zydot shampoo will not get your hair clean enough to pass a test because it’s unable to completely open up your hair cuticles to get them ready to be cleaned.

Hair drug test FAQ’s

How long do I have to wait for results from my hair test?

Negative results will be available in 24-48 hours. Positive results take longer to come back because they need a second round of tests done to confirm them. These can take about 72 hours to come back.

How does a hair follicle drug test work?

In a test, a sample of hair is tested for drugs. Different sections of hair will be trimmed down to the scalp in 1.5 inch lengths and get soaked in chemicals to remove masking agents if present. Soaking the hair makes the follicles open up to expose the inside layers of the hair. Because toxins become embedded here, this is why they’re tested this way.

Where do drug toxins in hair come from?

All drugs get into hair follicles the same way. They start to metabolize after they’re used and get into your bloodstream. The toxins then go through your body and become embedded into your hair follicles on your head and your body. For long hair, the ends of the hair can keep drugs in them even if they were used more than 90 days before.

Which drugs do hair drug tests detect?

Commonly tested drugs:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Methamphetamine or amphetamine (Crystal)

A simple 5-panel hair follicle test is used to check for these drugs. This test is the most commonly ordered test. This test is ordered when common drugs like Marijuana (Weed) and alcohol are being checked.

Advanced hair tests detect a number of substances since they’re more inclusive. These tests can detect 14 drugs simultaneously, including prescription drugs. If drugs are used in general, this test is best.

Can second-hand smoke cause you to fail a drug test?

Environmental factors like second-hand smoke can make you fail a hair test. These test results come from both drugs carried through your bloodstream to your hair and exposure to things like second-hand smoke.

How long does it take for drugs to show up on a drug test?

These tests can detect use from 90 days ago. The three month time is from the fact that your hair grows a half inch per month on average. The sample length of your hair to be tested is 1.5 inches and equals 90 days of growth. Body hair can hold drug toxins longer if it’s not shaved regularly though.

Can hair drug tests detect single use?

Typically, this won’t happen. It’s a possibility though that if you’ve used a hard drug like cocaine in the last three months, it might be detected. Cocaine and other hard drugs are tough to get out of hair follicles and can show on a hair test if used just once in the past 90 days.

Are tests on body hair more accurate than head hair?

Body hair and head hair drug tests are the same when it comes to their accuracy. What is different is the potential timeframe of how long the toxins can possibly be detected. The long detection time of hair follicle drug tests makes these much harder to beat than urine screens.

Do drugs stay in body hair?

Yes, they can stay in body hair like head hair. Drug toxins become buried in any hair follicles regardless of where they are on your head or body.

Does body hair keep toxins longer than head hair?

Your hair grows approximately one half inch a month and body hair usually stops growing at a shorter length in comparison to head hair. As a result, drugs can stay around longer in body hair if you don’t shave. Armpit hair could potentially show drug use from up to a year before if you never shave it. All body hair should be shaved right before a hair test so there’s very little to test.

Can eyebrow hair get tested during a hair follicle test?

Yes. Although this isn’t likely to happen because both of your eyebrows would need to be shaved to have a large enough sample to be tested.

Is my employer able to force me to take a drug test?

You can’t be forced into a test without your consent. Depending on where you are, some states have a rule that employers have a right to request you to drug test. Most states have a requirement that employers need to provide proof of why they’re requiring the drug tests.

What jobs drug test before hiring?

  • Government.
  • Hospitals and health care.
  • Truck Drivers, Transportation.
  • Construction, Heavy Machinery
  • Aerospace and defense.
  • Education.
  • Information Technology.
  • Private security.

What causes false positives on hair tests?

A false positive may be caused by several things like medications or supplements. Also, if hair is in contact manually with drugs or other surface contaminants, it may result in a false positive. You should tell the person giving you the test if you take meds or supplements upfront to help avoid this.


Passing a hair follicle test can be problematic for you because these tests can track drug use for so long and they’re very accurate. This can make you worry that you’ll fail them if you aren’t prepared.

By using the mikes Macujo method and the Macujo Aloe Rid detox shampoo, you can totally get rid of THC and synthetic cannabinoids from your hair. If you want to use the Zydot Ultra clean, remember that it must be used only as a supplement. You’ll be able to successfully remove all toxins from any kind of drug or alcohol from your hair though if you just use the Macujo Aloe rid.

Hair follicle drug tests look at your habits of drug use, not just recent use. Keep yourself ready to detox your hair at any point with these trustworthy detoxification products. With these shampoos for hair detox and Mikes Macujo method, you have a guarantee that you can totally cleanse your hair for upcoming tests.

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