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What is on my Ohio driving record?

Depending on the type of driving record and where you purchase it, your Ohio driving record may provide either a partial or complete outline of your personal OH driving history. If you order your driving record directly from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, it will contain:

  • Demerit points and moving infraction convictions.
  • License suspensions, revocations & cancellations.
  • Accidents, personal details and drivers license status.

Did you know? Your personal driving history is a public record. Potential employers, insurance providers, and courts of law can all request a copy of your driving history.

What do points on my Ohio driving record mean?

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles assigns driving record points to certain traffic violations. Each violation is assigned a certain number of points, based on the severity of the infraction:

  • Aggravated vehicular homicide: 6 points
  • Speeding at 30 mph over the limit or more: 3 points
  • Violating a driving restriction that was imposed by the registrar: 2 points

Accumulating 12 or more points on your Ohio driving record will result in immediate driver’s license suspension. To avoid suspension by obtaining a two-point drivers record credit, you must enroll in a remedial driving instruction class in a state-approved traffic school.

How do points against my Ohio license affect me?

Accruing 12 points on your DMV driving record will immediately result in a driver’s license suspension. By incurring these points on your driving documentation, and thus conveying your unsafe driving practices, your car insurance company will then increase your insurance premiums.

In addition, as potential employers prefer to hire only the safest and least risky drivers, they will most likely reject your application when hiring for jobs that require any amount of vehicle operation.

How do I remove drivers license points from my Ohio record?

You must enroll in a defensive driving course to remove points from your BMV driving record. By taking a state-approved course and learning the essential defensive driving techniques, you will be given a two-point credit on your personal OH driving history.

How long do points stay on my Ohio driving record?

Your drivers record point total will not be reduced until you take the appropriate defensive driving class and submit proof of course completion to your local BMV office. Completing a traffic school course will grant you a two-point credit on your OH driving history.

Ohio DUI Records

Any driver who has committed a driving under the influence offense will have the infraction noted on his or her official Bureau of Motor Vehicles driving history, within the section of DUI records. The Ohio DUI criminal records contained within state driving records are typically required to enroll in an alcohol awareness course and reinstate a suspended driving license.

How do I know if my Ohio driving license is suspended?

Your Ohio BMV driving record notes your present driving license status: active, suspended or revoked. Order a copy of your driving record to determine your current license status today.

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Previous Traffic Violations in Ohio

Most drivers apply to get driving records in Ohio mainly to view all of their previous traffic violations. Personal OH driving records contain reports of every major moving violation and traffic incident that you have committed within the state.

To verify that all of your information is up to date and accurate, obtain your driving record as soon as possible.

Why do I need a copy of my Ohio driving record?

Depending on the state of your OH driving history, a copy of your driving record can help you lower your insurance premiums and increase your chances of getting a job that requires driving as a main responsibility. Furthermore, these documents provide the holder with all relevant information regarding demerit points, traffic violations, and driver’s license suspensions.

Check for Points in Ohio

One prominent reason why drivers order BMV driving records is to gain access to their total number of demerit points. An excess of points on your Ohio personal driving record will result in suspension.

Ordering a copy of driving documentation allows you to see how close you are to having your license suspended so that you may take corrective action if necessary.

Applying for a Commercial Driver Position in Ohio

Prospective commercial drivers require a clean certified driving record to secure a job in Ohio. If you do not have any points, violations or accidents on your motor vehicle record, you are more likely to land a driving job. Obtain a copy of your driving record to serve as proof of your safe driving practices, and to increase your likelihood of securing a commercial driving position.

However, if your Ohio driver’s license has been suspended in the past and you have accumulated a variety of offenses on your DMV driving record, it is paramount that you take the steps necessary to remove points via traffic school before you submit your job application.

To find out if your BMV documents are in good standing, purchase your Ohio driving record today.

Lower Ohio Car Insurance Premiums

A clean driving record guarantees you lower rates on car insurance. A lack of accidents and infractions shows insurance companies that you are a safe and responsible driver, and a low-risk client. However, if your Ohio driving abstract features multiple violations or accidents, you will be forced to pay higher premiums.

If you are anticipating paying a large sum for auto insurance, order your DMV driving record today to see what corrective actions can be taken to clean up your driving history before you apply for car insurance.

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Take Ohio Traffic School to Prevent Points

Driver’s license suspension occurs when a driver in Ohio accumulates 12 or more points on his or her Bureau of Motor Vehicles drivers record through traffic violations. To prevent this penalty from setting in, you may reduce your demerit points by attending a state-approved traffic school.

Completing a course in traffic school grants you a two-point credit on your Ohio driving history and wards off suspension.

Why do employers check your Ohio driving record?

Companies want to limit their risk when hiring a new employee, and checking driving records is one simple and effective way to verify that a potential employee does not pose a risk. Your Ohio driving abstract features information about all of your previous traffic violations, DUI convictions, demerit points and more. If your driving documentation is clean and free of infractions, you are more likely to be hired than a driver who has amassed multiple violations.

Employers want to make sure that you will not cause the company any lawsuits or force them to pay for expenses like property damages or medical bills, which they will be responsible for if you were to get into a car accident in a company car or on company time. To show your employer your commitment to safe driving and your clean track record, order a copy of your driving record.

Otherwise, you can purchase a copy of your personal OH driving history to see what corrective actions should be taken before you apply for a job in delivery, commercial driving or even sales.

Different Types of Ohio Driving Records

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers three different types of driving records. Your desired personal OH driving record will depend on your situation and the amount of years you want to explore in detail.

In any case, DMV.com driving records are for employment purposes and personal information only. They are not certified so they cannot be used in court or to obtain your license in another state. The content and length of the report is determined by the state and not DMV.com. The record you receive will be the public record for employment purposes as determined by your state on the date of the order.

3-Year Driving Abstract

The 3 year driving record from the BMV features information on all of your moving infraction convictions, reported accidents and any other incidents which resulted in driver’s license suspensions, revocations or cancellations.

2-Year Driving Record

The two-year DMV driving record provides the same points of information as the three-year driving abstract, except that it only goes back two years into your personal Ohio driving history.

Drivers Record for the Employer of a CDL Holder

This drivers record is designed specifically for employers of CDL holders. The document provides medical examiner certification information, as well as any other details that are required by federal law to be in a driver’s history.

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How do I fix a mistake on an Ohio drivers history report?

When performing a driving record lookup, you may notice one or more mistakes in your personal driving history. If that is the case, contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles immediately at 614-644-6268 to correct these errors.

Even a single unnecessary point can result in a driver’s license suspension or other unwanted consequences. To verify that your Ohio driving record is in good standing, order a copy today.

What is not included on my Ohio driving record report?

Potential employers and insurance companies may ask you for more information than your BMV motor vehicle record provides. For your convenience, DMV.com has compiled a list of important records that you can get access to easily:

  • Background checks
  • VIN number checks
  • DMV police reports

Ohio Vehicle Registration History

Residents are encouraged to check driving record documentation as often as possible to make sure that their information, including previous traffic violations and demerit points, is up to date. Another important record that drivers must monitor is their vehicle registration history, which provides information about all of the previous vehicles that they have owned and registered within the state of Ohio.

Generally, this document can be used as proof of car registration and proof of vehicle ownership, whenever a driver is called upon to provide such evidence. Order a copy of your Ohio driving history today.

Driving Record Fees in Ohio

A driving record in Ohio costs $5.

Driving Record Forms

Note: DMV forms change regularly. The forms provided above are current based on the date of writing.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.


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  • FAQs

    How do I check my driving record in Ohio for free? ›

    You can check your driving record in Ohio by going to the Ohio Department of Public Safety website and requesting a copy of your driving record. Viewing your driving record is free in Ohio, but an official or printable copy costs $0 for an uncertified record or $5 for a certified record.

    How do I get a driving record in Ohio? ›

    How to Request
    1. Request or View Your Driving Record Online.
    2. At a deputy registrar license agency.
    3. By mailing a completed Record Request (form BMV 1173) and a $5.00 fee to:

    How many points can you have on your driving record in Ohio? ›

    The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) sends out warning letters when six points are accumulated on a driving record within a two-year period. The warning letter lists the violations with the number of points for each. The BMV mails the letter to the address on file for the driver.

    Can you look up license plates in Ohio? ›

    Ohio license plate search is free and legal. As a taxpayer, you can use this tool to protect your consumer rights. However, remember that using online checkup for getting personal data of previous car owners is illegal.

    Can you view your Ohio driver's license online? ›

    Customers may order an exact reprint of their driver license or ID by visiting the Ohio BMV website, choosing “BMV Online Services,” selecting “DL/ID Reprint,” then logging in. A reprint is an exact copy of the last-issued credential, with no changes to an individual's personal information.

    How can I check the status of my drivers license in Ohio? ›

    How do I get a copy of my driving record? You can check the status of your driver's license and view an unofficial 2 year record at oplates.com. For a small fee, you can order an official 3 year record. If your license is suspended, you can view your reinstatement requirements.

    How long does it take for points to come off your driving record in Ohio? ›

    Each set of points stays on the penalized driver's Ohio BMV record for two years. The record is public information, like a criminal or arrest record. Insurance companies and employers will be able to access it if they want.

    How do you get rid of points in Ohio? ›

    You can get points off your license in Ohio by taking an approved driving course. Ohio allows drivers who fit certain eligibility requirements to complete a driving course in order to remove two points. Driving courses that reduce your license points might also be called traffic school or defensive driving classes.

    How long do points stay on your license Ohio? ›

    Each set of points that are issued to a driver will stay on a driver's license for a period of 2 years. Each incident will result in points ranging from 0-to 6 if convicted.

    How can I look up my license plate in Ohio for free? ›

    VinCheck.info offers free license plate lookup that will reveal past ownership, title information, liens, odometer reading and salvage records. This service is a free Carfax alternative. Search license plates registered in the state of Ohio and get a free vehicle history report.

    How much are license plates in Ohio? ›

    Vehicle Registration Related Fees
    Plate / Registration Transfer$6.00
    Replace/Exchange 1 Plate*$12.00
    Replace/Exchange 2 Plates*$13.25
    *Retain stock plate numberAdditional $10.00
    60 more rows

    Does Ohio have vanity plates? ›

    Specialized interest plates are license plates produced upon customer request which may have a logo supporting a special interest group.
    No. of CharactersType of PlateSpaces Permitted (Uniform Spacing)
    7Personalizedup to 2
    6 more rows

    Is my Ohio driver's license a real ID? ›

    Ohio's Real ID

    Ohio driver licenses and identification (ID) cards issued prior to July 2, 2018, will not be accepted by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) after October 1, 2021. Consider renewing early if you want to have a driver license or identification card that is federally compliant.

    Can I use my rear view camera on driving test Ohio? ›

    You can use a backup camera for your driver's test. You just CAN'T use it as your primary line of site. You check the backup camera as you would check your mirrors before reversing. Do a 360° scan around your vehicle before putting the vehicle in motion.

    Can you get an Ohio driver's license for 8 years? ›

    A driver license that is current or expired less than six months can be renewed at any deputy registrar license agency at any time before the expiration date. The driver license will expire in four years or eight years depending on applicant's choice and qualifications.

    What is your driver's license number Ohio? ›

    Ohio driver's license numbers are two letters and six numbers. For example, TL545796. Oklahoma driver's license numbers consist of one letter and nine numbers. For example, B000062835 .

    Can you transfer plates online in Ohio? ›

    Instead of going to a County Clerk of Courts Title Office for your title transfer and the Deputy Registrar License Agency for your registration, eTags can take of the entire process for you. All online.

    Do I need my birth certificate to renew my license in Ohio? ›

    U.S. Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport. Social Security card or W-2 Form. A document that proves your street address like a utility bill or school record. Citizenship documentation.

    What are the 6 point violations in Ohio? ›

    Six-point violations in Ohio include:

    Street racing; Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (OVI); Leaving the scene of an accident; Driving under a suspended license.

    How many points is 20 mph over the speed limit in Ohio? ›

    For example, a speeding violation involving speeds of less than 25 miles per hour above the speed limit results in two points against your driving record. A speeding violation involving speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour over the speed limit results in four points against your driving record.

    How many points is a speeding ticket in Ohio? ›

    Driver License Points for Ohio Speeding Tickets

    Speeding over 30 mph of the speed limit: 4 points. Speeding over 11 mph to 29 mph of a posted speed limit of 55 mph or more: 2 points. Speeding 6 mph to 29 mph of a posted speed limit of 54 mph or less: 2 points.

    What classes do you take to get points off your license in Ohio? ›

    Ohio defensive driving, which is known as remedial driving instruction, is a course you can use to have a traffic citation dismissed. You can take the course with court approval. Taking an Ohio defensive driving course will remove points from your driving record as well.

    How many points is a DUI in Ohio? ›

    In addition to all of those potential consequences, a conviction for DUI / OVI will result in six points being assessed to your driver's license. If you are facing a DUI / OVI case in a central Ohio court and are concerned about the points, consider hiring a Columbus DUI / OVI lawyer.

    How many points do you lose your Licence? ›

    When 12 points are 'totted up' within three years, a driving ban is automatically given for six months and you will be known as a 'totter. ' However, there are ways to reduce your number of points and save your licence.

    What happens when you get 12 points in Ohio? ›

    If you accumulate 12 points on your driving record, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will send you a notice of suspension. Your suspension term begins 20 days after the BMV sends the letter to you, and it lasts six (6) months.

    How much is a speeding ticket in Ohio for 20 over? ›

    Traffic Speeding Violations
    Speeding Violations
    Recorded SpeedTicket AmountConstruction Zones
    1-15 Miles Over$175.00$225.00
    16-30 Miles Over$195.00$265.00
    31-34 Miles Over$235.00$335.00
    1 more row

    How fast is reckless driving in Ohio? ›

    Reckless operation carries four “points” on your Ohio driver's license. “Points” under Ohio law are set forth at O.R.C. 4510.036(C). -Exceeding the Speed Limit by greater than 30 mph.

    What is the best free license plate lookup? ›

    NHTSA - Federal Government Free License Plate Lookup Site

    However, you can perform a quick license plate search on the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA ) site. The search services are free and the site can provide you with all the safety information about the vehicle.

    What do you need to get license plates in Ohio? ›

    Methods for Registration
    1. Ohio certificate of title or memorandum of title.
    2. Completed vehicle inspection certificate (DPS 1373)
    3. Valid Ohio driver license, state ID or Social Security card.
    4. Tax ID number if titled in a business name.

    Why did Ohio do away with front license plate? ›

    Ohio's two-year transportation budget approved last year and designed to address deteriorating roads and bridges included language to remove the front plate requirement. Until now, failure to have a license plate on the front of your car amounted to a minor misdemeanor and a $100 fine.

    Are front license plates mandatory in Ohio? ›

    While a rear license plate is still required, the only vehicle that is still required by Ohio law to have a front license plate is a tractor. According to the Ohio BMV, if you do get a front license plate, it still needs to be identical to the back plate.

    What year cars need Ohio E check? ›

    All gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles, including flexible fuel and hybrid vehicles, equal to or less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), 25 years old or newer from the current testing year, and registered within an E-Check county must comply with the E-Check requirement.

    What does a red license plate mean in Ohio? ›

    The official term in Ohio is “restricted license plates”. Whatever you call them, nobody wants them. In Ohio, the plates are yellow with red lettering, and they signal to everybody the driver of that vehicle was convicted of DUI (called 'OVI' in Ohio).

    Do you need insurance to get plates in Ohio? ›

    You cannot register a car without insurance in Ohio. Proof of insurance is required at the time of registration.. In Ohio, you are required to have $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, up to $50,000 per accident, along with $25,000 in liability coverage for property damage.

    What do letters on an Ohio license plate mean? ›

    Ohio uses the letters I and O in the second position only on passenger plates, but neither letter is used on any other standard type. The letter Q is used in the second and third position on passenger and non-passenger plates. The letter O is used in the first position on City and County plates.

    How many points is an accident in Ohio? ›

    Most infractions where the driver is involved in an accident are two point offenses.

    How bad is 4 points on your license in Ohio? ›

    Ohio assesses four points against a driver's driving record for violations considered more serious or dangerous than those warranting two points.

    What are 6 point violations in Ohio? ›

    How Ohio Assesses Penalty Points
    Traffic ViolationPoints
    Hit-Skip/Leave Scene/Hit and Run6
    Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License6
    Drag Racing/Street Racing6
    Fleeing an Accident Scene/Eluding an Officer or Traffic Stop6
    38 more rows

    How many mph over the speed limit is reckless driving in Ohio? ›

    Reckless operation carries four “points” on your Ohio driver's license. “Points” under Ohio law are set forth at O.R.C. 4510.036(C). -Exceeding the Speed Limit by greater than 30 mph.

    How much is 24 mph over speed limit in Ohio? ›

    Ohio's chart for speeding fines:

    16-20 MPH over speed limit: $157; $184 in a construction zone. 21-25 MPH over speed limit: $171; $212 in a construction zone. 26-30 MPH over speed limit: $181; $232 in a construction zone. 31-36 MPH over speed limit: $201; $272 in a construction zone.

    How much is a 20 over speeding ticket in Ohio? ›

    Traffic Speeding Violations
    Speeding Violations
    Recorded SpeedTicket AmountConstruction Zones
    1-15 Miles Over$175.00$225.00
    16-30 Miles Over$195.00$265.00
    31-34 Miles Over$235.00$335.00
    1 more row

    How many points is a reckless op in Ohio? ›

    A conviction for reckless operation causes four “points” to be placed on your Ohio driver's license as provided in Ohio's R.C.


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