Points in Flensburg: How do you get rid of them in 2021? (2023)

Everyone, the one Driver's license owns, knows the dreaded "Points in Flensburg". You get this if you behave differently from the road traffic regulations. For example, you can go through Over speeding, To phone- orAlcohol at the wheel or by driving over a red traffic light to build up the points and, in the worst case, if there are too many points, yours Lose your driving license. However, this happens just in the event of serious violations or if you 8 points have accumulated. If your driving license has been withdrawn, you have to reapply for your driving license and often at a so-called "medical-psychological examination“(MPU) participate. In less severe cases, however, administrative offenses are only included Fines and / or points that are saved in Flensburg are penalized.

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When do you get points?

Nicht every violation of the road traffic regulations is punished directly with points. This is how minor administrative offenses such as this lead to Improper parking to fines in the amount of 5 to 55 Euro, depending on how serious the violation was. In this case, you will usually receive a parking ticket directly to the vehicle, with which you do not have to expect any further consequences after paying the fine. However, there are also cases, for example if you only slightly exceed the prescribed speed limit, in which you will receive a warning by post. Again, they usually fall no points

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However, if the warning is also accompanied by a fine of at least 60 euros, your violation has generally endangered road safety in some way and you will receive it as a result Points. However, this limit of at least 60 euros must be reached in order for points to be entered. Should get the ticket one driving ban be attached, then were sure one or more points entered in the register of fitness to drive. Such a driving ban can one to three months amount and prohibited You can drive any motor vehicle on public roads. But also offenses that are committed in traffic, for example the betrunk drive or drive without driving licence or even one Hit and run, lead to at least points.

How do you know how many points you have?

There is a Claim to find out how many points you have accumulated. For this you have to have one file application, either on site in Flensburg or by post: by phone it is not is also possible. Similar to the application for an online loan, you have to submit your application by post by means of an identity card or a certified signature identify. In the case of newer ID cards with an online function, you can also submit the application directly online.

Do the points disappear on their own?

All the points you can get expire by itself after a certain period of time, which depends on the severity of the violation May 2014 there was an extensive reform with regard to the storage of the points in the register of fitness to drive in Flensburg. Here are a few examples:

  • A point awarded for an administrative offense expires after two and a half years
  • an administrative offense with a driving ban is five years no longer considered
  • auch nach five years the two points awarded for criminal offenses expire
  • anyone who has committed criminal offenses with subsequent driving license disqualification must ten years wait for the points to expire. You can get more points within this time span; have this no influence on the deadlines, the points obtained first expire after the specified time.

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By 2014, however, it was the case that newly added points stopped the expiry of the existing points - the time calculation for the statute of limitations began anew each time. Points that one before May 1st 2014, were statute-barred according to the old principle. Currently this topic should be for everyone (except for serious crimes with a 10-year notice period) but be finished. A special feature, however, is the so-called Waiting period. Although the points expire as mentioned, they are stored in the card index for another year. For the authorities, however, the points in the waiting period are usually not visible anymore. For the person concerned and his lawyer, it is.

Take action against points yourself

The points expire by themselves, but you may also be interested in the points actively get rid of it. For example, if you have already accumulated a few and do not want to risk reaching the limit of eight points, as you would then have your driving license revoked. However, this active approach is against points that have already been accumulated only possible to a limited extent. You can, if you can between one and five points has, every five years at a so-called "Point reduction seminar / driving aptitude seminar“Take part and thus reduce a point. But if you already have six or more points, this no longer works. And if you build up points faster than reduce, then that doesn't work either.

When are points “valid” in Flensburg?

The period with regard to the statute of limitations for the points begins on the day on which the decision is made legally binding will. A notice of fines or a notice of points becomes legally binding if the following points apply:

  • the fine was timely paid
  • there was no objection within 2 weeks inserted
  • an eventual objection was made withdrawn
  • a court has over the case decided

As already mentioned above, the following applies: At a Summation of points, the so-called tattag principle applies. So if you already have 7 points in Flensburg and you get another one, then you have 8 points and your driving license will be withdrawn. And that also applies when an old point expires, before the new fine is legally binding. For the award of points is what counts not the day of a possible judgment or the fine, but the Date.

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Query points in Flensburg

As already mentioned, entries can be made in the register of fitness to drive kostenfrei Query and view at the Federal Motor Vehicle Office. If the online query is desired, then you need a card reader for the computer or an NFC-enabled mobile phone as well as an online ID (an identity card with a chip) and a 6-digit PIN. Alternatively, you can also query the "traffic offender file" by post. All information is available on the website of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

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How do I remove points from my license in FL? ›

The fastest and easiest way to reduce points is to take an online Basic Driver Improvement course. In Florida, you have the option to take this course once in a 12-month period, but no more than 5 times during your lifetime. All courses, whether in a classroom or online, take 4 hours.

How do I remove points from my license in PA? ›

Point Removal For Safe Driving

Three points are removed from a driving record for every 12 consecutive months in which a person is not under suspension or revocation or has not committed any violation that results in the assignment of points or the suspension or revocation of the driving privilege.

How long does it take for points to come off your license in VA? ›

Length Of Time On Your Record

DMV demerit points remain on your record for two years from the date that you commit the offense.

How long do points stay on your license in NV? ›

The demerit points for a violation are deleted when 12 months have elapsed from the date of conviction. Convictions remain part of your permanent driving record.


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